Brian Greco Global: Citizenship by investment

Promoting mobility, growth, and personal freedom through second passports for clients — and expanding innovation in the citizenship by investment industry for firms

brian greco

Who is Brian Greco?

from USA — currently based in Istanbul, Turkey

Independent consultant and traveler

with background in digital marketing, customer experience, geopolitics, second passport programs

Content contributor

to Investment Migration Daily publication, in regular strategic discussion on future of citizenship by investment industry and launching new programs for investors

Visited 85+ countries solo

Plus experience living in 10+ countries including Turkey, China, Serbia, Malaysia (+ speak Turkish, Chinese, studying many other languages)

Academic background

Graduated magna cum laude from New York University with research focus on Globalization & International Relations


Why Second Passports?

Show step by step how to get started.

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The Old Focus

They want to travel to more countries visa-free
They want to open bank accounts, companies
They want to manage their tax strategy better
They want to get privacy without comlpiance

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The New Model

They want security & Plan B for their families
They want flexible regional travel options
They want to apply for visas as new national
They want to invest and do business as citizen

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The Ultimate Freedom

People want to avoid conflict, escape chaos, and start a new life ... a new place to call HOME

Also: Many people find this stuff interesting simlpy a a hobby, for status, or for fascination!

Get Started


Here are some of the ways I can help you make citizenship by investment work for you


Individual assistance

Helping individual investors understand the best citizenship options for their unique circumstances

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Firm consulting

Helping citizenship firms make the most out of their digital marketing, product offerings, and client experience


Government advisory

Helping national governments design, redesign, and market their citizenship programs for maximum impact

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